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24Hour Baby Talk™ - The Best Baby Video Monitor

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With its large high definition color screen (2 inches, LCD color) the 24Hour Baby Talk™ is the perfect tool to keep an eye on your baby. Includes day & night vision, to watch over the baby even at night time. Convenient, you can listen and talk back to baby to sooth them even from another room.

It is designed to give parents complete security by being able to actually watch their baby as they sleep from up to 200 meters away. With fast connection speeds between the parent monitor and baby monitor, you can rest assured that you are watching live footage of your baby with no delays or interruptions. Whether it is night or day you can watch your baby and capture some magical moments on the digital video monitor. You can watch your baby sleep, gurgle and giggle away without you actually having to be in the room!

It can also be used for a monitor which is applicable to the care of the elderly and the supermarket, office, security companies, schools, families, hospitals and small places.


  • Two way(talk back)
  • Temperature measuring and alarm function
  • Built-in 8 lullabies
  • Automatic night vision
  • 160ft wireless signal range (indoors)250ft wireless signal range (outdoors)
  • Long built-in rechargeable battery life (8 hours in Vox mode)
  • Supports :English/French/Spanish/Italian/German

- The camera and receiver use 2.4GHz for signal transmission.
- Attractive design and able to clip on table.
- Hassle-free portable monitoring.
- Can adjust the volume, setting time and date.
- High contrast 2.0 inches color LCD monitor.
- Secure, interference-free, long range digital signal.