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Baby Blossom™ - The Ultimate Baby Bath Tub

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Handmade from the softest materials, the Baby Blossom™ can fit to any sink making sure your baby is safe. Provides a comfortable but also fun bathing experience. No more kneeling at the edge of the tub with Baby Blossom™ you can enjoy bathing your baby.

Fits to any sink, super soft & safe

Comes in a variety of colors and is recommended for newborns and babies up 6 months. However,  it can definetely be used for infants who are transitioning to the bathtub as well.

Choose from a variety of colors

Baby Blossom™ is super easy to store and wash. Just squeeze out the water and place in the dryer or hand dry.

Size: 32 inches - center of the flower: 10 inches