Boho Bandana Adjustable Cat Collar – Family Spin
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Boho Bandana Adjustable Cat Collar

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GREATEST SCARF CAT COLLAR: Show your beloved four-legged friend how special they are with one of these Boho Bandana Adjustable Cat Collar. A scarf that is designed not only to dress up your pet, but can also be used as a collar.

SOFT AND SAFE FOR KITTENS: Adjustable neck that can fit  to  many different sized pets. See the 'Size Chart' to find your pooch's perfect fit! This fashionable bandana/collar combo looks adorable on cats and dogs.

  • Made from durable cloth and PU material, this item has been designed to take whatever your pet can throw at it
  • Available in four colors - blue, black, red or pink - choose the one that matches your pet's eyes at checkout

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