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Cat Litter Guard - The Odor Repellent Litter Absorption Mat

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😻BEST MAT EVER! : Unlike other cat litter mats, this one has unique 3D bumps that trap and clean litter from the cat's paws, preventing litter scatter outside of the mat. One-step cleaning -- cat litter is trapped inside of the mat and held there until you just pour it back into the litter box on cleaning day. The 2-layer structure of the mat creates a large pocket, with one opening to pour out the litter.   

No more getting litter stuck to your feet on a daily basis!

😻WATERPROOF/URINE ODOR REPELLENT: Bottom layer is waterproof and also slip-resistant which will not allow any liquid to go through and makes it easy to move.

Protect your hardwood floors and carpets from nasty urine stains.

😻EASY CLEAN WASHABLE LITTER MAT: Pieviev litter box mat is an upgrade mat ,it made of soft durable and washable EVA. Dirt can be removed super easily.You don't have to sweep up or vacuum the litter everyday.Save time and strength!! Plastic cat mats have to use vacuum to clean cat litter and still cannot be thoroughly cleaned.

No More Vacuuming, Less Sweeping and Easy Maintenance

😻PAW CLEANING: Great litter trapping mat, comfortable on tender paws. Our premium comfort mat is Phthalate free and our super soft EVA material is gentle for sensitive cat paws.Cats even like to step on or have an afternoon snooze on it.


  • Supports Single or Multiple Cats
  • Scatter Control
  • Honeycombed, Dual-Layer Design
  • Waterproof, Heavy-Duty EVA Foam
  • Available Colors: Black or Dark Gray
  • Non-Toxic, Pet Safe Material