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ChicBrow™ - The Perfect Eyebrow Trimmer

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PEN DESIGN PRECISION : A precision-engineered eyebrow corrector and hair-remover with a smaller, super-accurate micro-precision trimming head, encased in 18 karat gold plate. The Pen Look Design makes it easy to carry in a purse, bag or pocket and help achieve accuracy and perfection. 

Hold it like a pen, use it like an eraser

18 KARAT GOLD-PLATED HEAD: With the Gold-plate skin-friendly precious metal, it is considered to be more appropriate to the skin than steel or aluminium. It’s instant and painless, no redness or irritation. The 18 karat gold-plated head is hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types. It also feels great in your hand.

The new Gold Standard from the experts in women’s facial hair removal.

SLEEK, COMPACT & DISCREET :With no more than a few seconds and a make-up mirror, you can have your brows looking just the way you want them to and nobody will ever know they needed a trim.The 1st precision-engineered device to remove unwanted hair from between, above, and below the brow. The small sleek size and shape that resembles a lipstick allows you to carry it with you everywhere.

Instant & painless, removes unwanted facial hair around the eyebrows without having to wax, tweeze or laser

A built-in LED light comes on when you need to give you the brightest possible view of your eyebrows and show you every detail exactly where you need to trim for the perfect brows.
Built-in light so you don't miss a hair

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