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Dax V2 - The Extra Slim Portable Card Holder

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The wallet with a trick up its sleeve!

CASCADE-PULLING: It’s a card holder that exudes simplicity. The system is quite innovative. The cascading aspect is really convenient when you for example need to pay or show your ID. You easily have an overview of the cards in the holder without having to go through them.

The cascading movement is smooth and easy to use.

ATTRACTIVE & PRACTICAL DESIGN: Made of Fine Leather material, it's only 10mm thick. The pull tab is also the closing tab (with a magnet)! Extremely lightweight and easy to carry, instead of dragging around a large, clumsy and heavy holder, improve your day-to-day efficiency. Finally, organize your cards. See them spread out. With the color-coordinated tabs, you can find what you need immediately.

Just Pull & Pay!

DURABLE & WATERPROOF: Not just a regular wallet, this product is a designed and modern gadget. Laser cutting techniques with advanced fabrics mean the edges cannot fray. Its high-quality materials were for originally manufactured for industrial use. It is water repellent and built for durability. 

Let your wallet represent yourself!

Not Sold in Stores!