EVA Foam Yoga Block – Family Spin
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EVA Foam Yoga Block

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These custom designed "EVA Foam Yoga Blocks" are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material!

You will love to use yoga blocks because it will help you deepen the pose without much effort.

You can concentrate on the breath rather than trying hard to focus on holding the pose.

These Yoga blocks offer great support for your back, hips, head and hands.

They are great help for beginner students and other practitioners who may have some injuries or limitations to get into difficult poses, such as the ones where lengthening the spine is required.

They provide support, they allow the body to maintain the right alignment,

They Help to modify poses according to individual convenience thereby helping you increase the flexibility in the body,

They help you to Go through the least amount of stress and strain, especially when you’re practicing a difficult pose,

They help you to Hold on to difficult poses and for a longer time as well,

At last, they help you to Reduce injuries and the amount of energy required to perform asanas.

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