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Healing Chakra Pendant

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This gorgeous Healing Chakra Pendant embossed in silver engraving and paired with non tarnish stainless steel chain is truly a stunner. Experience everyday's positivity and promote your well being when using this necklace. Be stylish while having a well balanced chakra body.

Learn More About the Gemstones and Their Unique Properties:

Amethyst - balances the Crown Chakra and helps develop your intuition or sense of inner knowing
Blue Lapis - Blue crystal energy will unblock and balance the throat chakra to help you express yourself.
Green Aventurine - Balances the Heart Chakra
Yellow Jasper - Balances the Solar Plexus Chakra
Orange Aventurine - Balaces the Sacrel Chakra and brings Creativity and Vitality into your life.
Red Jasper - Balances the Root Chakra
Clear Quartz - Balances and stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Clear Quartz can also be used to charge your other stones/crystals.

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