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Heat-on-the-go™ - The Ultimate Travel Bottle Warmer

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WARM THEIR MILK ON THE GO :Are you on the go with your little one? Whether it’s in and out of the shops, away for the day visiting friends or going camping for the weekend make sure you’re prepared with a warm bottle when it’s feeding time – no electricity needed.

Great for Travelling

FAST & EASY: With the automatic linear temperature programmer you can warm milk,tea, mineral water, coffee or any other beverage up to 55-65 Degrees. Just put the heating case with the liquid into the MINI linear temperature programmer, then plug the Mounted adapter into the 12V Mounted cigarette lighter directly. It's suitable for 350ML and 500ML.

Easy to use


It can be ‘recharged’ in just 10 minutes to be used again for the next feed and can be used hundreds of times. It's made of Carbon Fiber and  Cotton which makes it eco-friendly. You can even mount it on a USB, no electricity or batteries are needed.

Use hundreds of times & made of high quality fabric 

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Heat-on-the-go™ - The Ultimate Travel Bottle Warmer
  • 1 x 1.5M Cable with 12V/DC Voltage and 24W ±1W power
  • 1 x Car Cigarette Lighter Cable