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All-in-One Magic Embroidery Pen Tool Set + 50 Colors Threads

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Finally embroidery made easy! That's what you get with this Magic Embroidery Pen Tool Set!  Needle punching is so much fun!

WHAT IS PUNCH NEEDLE: Punch-needle embroidery refers to punching a thread into the fabric to form a series of small loops. These loops form a three-dimensional texture which gives the embroidery a rug-like appearance.Some people may even choose to trim the loops to create a unique furred texture. To create these loops, a magic embroidery pen is used. The middle of the pen has a hollow needle which allows the thread to go through it.It also has a needle eye at the pointed end of the pen so that the embroidery floss can be threaded.

Suitable From Beginner to Advanced

MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE: The crafting needle handle is ergonomically designed and allows you to use three different sized needles: Small, Medium and Large. This is to accommodate a different number of embroidery floss strands.Create delicate works of art using different techniques, such as: back-stitch, loop, stain stitch and more.Do note that the right needle length is essential to your desired embroidery pattern, as it will determine the size of your thread loops. You can transform any textile item with patterns, writing, flowers patches or more!

PERFECT VALUABLE KIT: Transform any simple, unadorned textile into a thing of beauty, by adding flowers, writing, patterns, patches and so much more! This needle punch tool will ensure that your work turns out perfect every time. It does the hard work for you- keeping your thread clear and tangle free, while also helping you maintain an even flow. NOW  you have everything you need!
Set Includes:
1pcs x Handle
1pcs x Punch Needle
3pcs x Needles
4pcs x sensors
9pcs x Embroidery Needles (3 x 5.2 cm, 3 x 6 cm, 3 x 7 cm)
8pcs x Thread Skeleton
50pcs Skeins Rainbow Color Embroidery Threads
1pcs x Scissors
1pcs x Measuring Tape
1pcs x Thimble
1pcs x untwist Tools
1pcs x User manual
2pcs x Embroidery Cloth
1pcs x Storage Box
1pcs x bamboo embroidery hoops