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Lotus Flower Silver Ring

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$129.99 - NOW $65.99 Lotus Flower Silver Ring 
This Lotus Flower Silver Ring is made from 925 Silver with 6 Sanskrit syllablesengraved on it. Representing the most famous Mantra: "Om Mani Padme Hum" which is the Mantra of "Compassion" . Chanting this mantra produces a calming and healing effect on the chanter,  removes negative energies and awaken your memories of divine humanity.

The Lotus Flower represents the symbol of purity, spiritual awakening and fidelity.

Om (ohm) - This is "the sound of the Universe". This mantra is the most important of all, it is destined to break the attachments to the ego and to let the generosity emerge.

Ma (mah) - Removes attachment to jealousy and establishes ethics.

Ni (nee) - Removes attachment to desire and establishes patience.

Pad (pahd) - Removes prejudice and establishes perseverance.

Me (meh) - Removes possessiveness and establishes concentration.

Hum (hum) - Suppress hatred and establish wisdom.

Surface Width:16mm

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