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Natural Delight™ Baby Shoes

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$69.99 - NOW $59.97 Natural Delight™ Baby Shoes
These super cute high quality baby shoes are a great addition to a little one's wardrobe.
They are super soft, like the Leather Delight™ Baby Moccasinsbut only a little extra soft.
They are super pretty, like the Leather Delight™ Baby Moccasins, only less colorful and more natural looking. 
They are sort of a more natural, minimal version of baby shoes and they are higher, kind of like little boots for a better support for the little treasures.
They have an anti-slip sole for advanced safety against slippery surfaces and a better grip

Size - length (approx): 4.56'' (0-6 months), 4.96'' (6-12 months), 5.35'' (12-18 months), 5.75'' (18-24 months).

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