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No Worries Play Mat for All Ages

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$119.99 - NOW $39.97 No Worries Play Mat for All Ages
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Develop and inspire your kids' creativity with these entertaining and fun children's mat. It is designed to last through the developmental stages of your child. Packed with charming brilliant colors to stimulate your kids' imagination. Using these mats will engage your child both intellectually and visually. They work perfectly to minimize noise and impact.

They also serve as insulators on all floor surfaces. They are super easy to pack and can be used for picnics, outdoors, hiking and just a plain decorative in your kids room. They are
made with non toxic materials which is 100% safe. Best of all; they are easy to clean!

Bring comfort and style while letting your kids have fun and learn. They can learn animals, fruit, directions, colors, letters and more. Will your child be more entertained with the panda balancing on the ball or start a beautiful story about the spaceship landing among the animals?

These mats are so exciting and extraordinary, that it is no wonder that buyers return for a second, a third and a fourth. No. They are not destroyed. They just want them in different rooms and one for granny's and one for the jealous cousin!

Decide how many and chose the best size for every space. You already have two designs with each mat you buy, so you can turn it around every so often and renovate your kids' play area!

  • Two Sides for your little treasures to play on AND WITH
  • Sizes:  Large: 200cm*180cm*.3cm (approx.) / Medium : 180cm*120cm*.3cm (approx.)
  • The cushioned surface ensures a soft landing for rolling, tumbling, and falls
  • Soft floor surface for babies and children to play on from birth to school
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Water proof and easy to clean
  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Educational, Stimulating and super fun
  • Humor and imagination cultivating

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