Pregnancy Magic Retreat - Greece 2018, May 25-31 – Family Spin
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Pregnancy Magic Retreat - Greece 2018, May 25-31

  • $2,459.00

This retreat offers you

  • A double room
  • in a peaceful resort
  • on a wild powerful spot
  • by the sea
  • on a Greek island, Limnos (or Lemnos)
  • Accommodation for 6 nights - 7 days
  • For you
  • Or for you and your Partner, who comes for free
  • Daily breakfast 
  • 4 dinners
  • Fresh farmer’s platter in your room for healthy snacks refilled daily
  • Transportation for Excursions
  • Gifts and surprises 
  • 3 group sessions a day
  • With other pregnant women
  • Virtual Follow Up Gathering

When you are pregnant you are becoming a new person. A new person with a brand new life and a new family. Nature is making sure that there is space in your beingness and in your life to provide for new Baby (or new Babies).

Joining a Pregnancy Retreat at the beginning of your new self and your new life, is the best kick start you could possibly get. It will surely be one of the most precious trips of your life. You are definitely embarking on one of the very first trips of your new life.

So, you are becoming a new person. Can you observe the changes? 

Come on this Pregnancy Magic Retreat to Greece to grow your conscious observation of the changes that manifest in your body, in your mind and heart, as you follow your soul's transcendence. 
Journey with Pregnancy Magic to accept your inner intelligence more assertively.

This retreat is the perfect set with the perfect plays, where you will unfold your potential to reach new levels of communication with unborn Baby and with yourself. This will automatically affect your communication with all your dear ones.

Pregnancy Magic have gone to great lengths to put together all the right circumstances to allow you to effortlessly move to your next level of awareness, which you already know you are striving for. 


    The aim of Pregnancy Magic Retreats is to slow down your life speed for a week, to calm your senses and to strengthen your bond with Baby, so you can raise your awareness levels with the ultimate goal of enjoying your new life more every day.

    The resort and the time of the year were chosen for this purpose and they alone will make your pregnancy more blissful. 
    But the Retreat schedule is designed in total alignment with the idyllic scenery to add to this magical experience. 

    It includes

    • Breathing practices to manipulate yours and Baby's energy levels: to energize yourself or to calm yourself and Baby down
    • Walks in nature to allow you to attune to the peace around you and reclaim bliss inside you
    • Birthlight micro-moves of your pelvis to alleviate pregnancy discomfort and create a gateway for blocking fears to move on 
    • Singing improvisation to give your heart a clearer voice to reach you and Baby
    • Practice of Safe transitions between positions (from standing to lying down and so on
    • Safe movement in the water
    • A set of tools for seeing more magic around us and to start using it more to keep ourselves and our family happier
    • Exploring touch as a two way communication tool. Touch for receiving and transmitting messages
    • The use of artistic expression for channeling your intuition
    • and more

    The common technique used across sessions is that you will be held and assisted in listening to your body's and soul's wisdom, to find your own truth and your questions you need to be asking. You will know you will have graduated from Pregnancy Magic when you realize you can provide all your answers in touch with your intuition and inner wisdom.

    Cancellation Policy

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    Sample Schedule

    7:00-8:00 Optional Breakfast
    8:00-9:30 Rise Session
    9:30-10:30 Breakfast
    10:30-12:30 Session
    12:30-17:30 Free Time
    17:30-19:00 Dinner
    19:00-20:45 Sunset Session


    Some women choose to come alone, while others prefer to enjoy their free time with their Partner. Partners also need to slow down and rest and to celebrate their transition to a new phase with you.

    For your Partner

    A free ride on this trip for Partners. Partners might enjoy this more than you! They can enjoy your company and have time on their own to rest or enjoy activities not very suitable for pregnant women, while they have their mind at peace that their pregnant love is satisfied and close to them.

    These include

    • distance swimming
    • water sports like
      all in one of the most beautiful and safest spots in the world
    • biking

    There are also a couple of sessions addressing the Partner and they join you for excursions breakfasts and dinners.

    It is also possible to bring your child with you.

    Summon the Power of Nature and Sisterhood to find pregnancy bliss!

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