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Sew-4-Life - The Sewing Machine Light Strip

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✂✂Light up your sewing with clean, white light fully adjustable to your machine and your needs✂✂

The Sewing Machine Light Strip with self-adhesive backing, mounts under the throat of your sewing machine and offers the perfect lighting exactly where you need it. Sew with confidence and complete your sewing projects with satisfaction. 


EASILY INSTALLED:  You take it out of the box, put the little black clips on the machine, slide the light strip in place, plug into the switch and lastly- plug the switch in. Includes everything needed for simple, non-technical installation.

Upgrade your sewing machine in seconds!

BRIGHT BUT NOT BLINDINGThe clean light is bright, but not blinding.  You can still see everything after sewing without white spots burned into your eyes. Improves your concentration and allows you to see details with ease. Immediately improve the quality of your work. It has a touch dimming switch to adjust brightness. 

Transforms how you sew by allowing you to see clearly what you’re doing.

RE-SIZABLE: You can adjust the length depending on your own machine. Simply use scissors. It is universally compatible with all brands and models. The flexible strip conforms to your machine’s contours for an illuminating sewing experience.  

NO SHADOWS: Equipped with 24 powerful LED lights, casts crisp, direct light over any brand of sewing machine bed. Never again endure thread bunching-up or fabric not feeding because of impaired ability to see.

PORTABLEThe little clips are sticky taped to your machine so you can easily remove them if you need. The strip of light just slips into the clips, so moving your machine or transporting it is simple- just unclip the strip and walk away with the machine.

  •  Compatible with any USB charger

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