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Strap-n-go™ Baby Carrier - The Ultimate Comfort Zone

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  • HIGH QUALITY : Made of 100% breathable Cotton fabric makes Strap-n-go™ Baby Carrier  the ultimate comfort zone for the baby and for you! The carrier is made of Eco-friendly material which makes it breathable and perfect for avoiding skin rashes or alergies. It measures : L12" x H10.9" x W8.2" (L31 x H28 x W21CM) and weighs :1.8pounds (0.82KG). It's waist band is adjustable with mazimum length about 48''in, width is about 5.5''in which makes it a perfect fit for everyone.
  • Eco-friendly features and universal fit
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN : Uniquely designed to be used in 9 carry your baby ways! From newborn to infant and throughout toddlerhood, Strap-n-go™is created according to your little one's comfort. It can be used as an integrated infant insert, and has multiple adjustments for a perfect fit like front and back carry options, convenient pockets for storage, and removable sleeping hood and foot strap. The front pocket can be folded up, then the baby carrier will have a mesh in front. It's completely ergonomic and has 43.8lb (19.9KG) maximum capacity.
  • Ergonomic: give you 9 carry options

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