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AstroCat Carrier - The Cat Capsule Backpack

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ūüźĪ ASTROCAT CARRIER: The Astrocat Carrier is practically designed¬† for keeping your furry friend with you on all your adventures. Our astronaut pet carrier can perfectly accommodate your adorable cat and also provide your pet with¬†comfort while enjoying the view.

Let your Cat Enjoy The Scenery, Cats Love To Keep A Close Eye On Their Surroundings

ūüźĪ DAILY USE: It is ideal for when you need to take your little buddy outside with you. Both stylish and convenient¬†it comes in a variety of colors and designs.¬†Perfect for pets that are reluctant to go into small spaces.

Every cat owner ‚Äčshould have one! ‚ÄčIt ‚Äčwill get ‚Äčyou and your cat out ‚Äčmore than any other method!

ūüźĪ MULTI FUNCTION DESIGN: Semi-sphere design can well prevent them from escaping out and keep them safe in this breathable and cozy astronaut pet carrier totally under your care. There are 9 holes on the carrier. The¬†Bubble cover and¬†Screen can be taken off. A convenient¬†clip inside the backpack can be used to attach a leash. There is an one side pocket and the straps are adjustable.¬†The hard shell works great for strapping this style into a car as a car seat.

Gives A Proud Cat Owner a Chance To Show Off Their Fur Baby!

ūüźĪ BREATHABLE & COMFY: 16.5'' / 42cm(H)¬†X¬†12.5'' / 32cm(L)¬†X¬†9.4'' / 26cm(W) The¬†Large space with big air holes and a¬†mesh cover makes it comfortable and breathable for your pet. Comes with an interior buckle strap to prevent your pet running away. Makes both you and your pet stand out.

Large Ventilation Holes Ensure Fresh Air And A Roomy Feel For The Cat

ūüźĪ LONG LAST USE: Made of high quality oxford cloth & food grade PC, our premium quality pet carrier is quite scratch-resistant and sturdy for long lasting use.¬†

Lightweight, Scratch-Resistant and Long lasting Durable Material



  • Material:¬†¬†PVC+Acrylic+Oxford
  • Pet¬†Bearing:¬†Cat¬†for¬†6kg,¬†Dog¬†for¬†5kg
  • Size: 16.5'' / 42cm(H)¬†X¬†12.5'' / 32cm(L)¬†X¬†9.4'' / 26cm(W)

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