Vanishing Mark™ - The Ultimate Heat Erasing Fabric Markers 20pcs – Family Spin
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Vanishing Mark™ - The Ultimate Heat Erasing Fabric Markers 20pcs

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PERFECT SEWING TOOL: These awesome Heat Erasing Fabric Markers write with a vibrant, specially designed sort of gel which disappears with heat. So iron your fabric and voila! They come with a writing width of 0.35mm which means that they will let you draw out clear, precise patterns that will result into stunning handmade masterpieces..

These are best fabric markers you’ll ever have. 


100% ERASABLE: OPTIONS: The ink marking can disappear at 60-70 degree centigrade. You can use a hot iron,as it gets immediately erased when ironed.There’s no need to launder your fabric in order to remove the ghost lines. In comparison to tailors’ chalk, our Vanishing Mark™ will never rub away before you’ve completed your project, unless you iron your work.

Iron your fabric after completing your project to get the perfect results

MULTINATIONAL TOOL: These makers can be used as refills as well as pens. A lot of our customers are using them as refills on a four set marking pens. You can choose to buy a 20 single color set or a 4 color mix set depending on your needs!

Pick and choose according to your needs!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Approx. 11 x 0.5 cm / 4.33 x 0.2 inch
  • Color: Red, White, Blue, Black

Always replace the cap after use.!!!!