XS-4-Art Compact™ - The Superior Watercolor Paint Set – Family Spin
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XS-4-Art Compact™ - The Superior Watercolor Paint Set

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Sometimes inspiration takes the most out of you and you have no time to equip your workplace, so here comes this compact set in unique tones of maximally concentrated pigments.

FOLDABLE WATERCOLOR PAINT SETThis watercolor paint set come in four variations. Choose between 18, 25, 33 and 42 high-quality watercolor paints. An ergonomically designed watercolor paint brush pen, a built-in mixing paint palette with partitions for easy watercolor blending and a detachable sponge will save you space and keep your workplace organized. This wheel set is a must have for all level artists.

PORTABLE & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: These high-quality pigments will provide hours of painting joy for kids, students, adults and professional artists. Bright, extremely vivid, concentrated and solid colors blend together smoothly creating the endless possibilities. The colors dry quickly and are resistant to fading and discoloration from direct sunlight. This lightweight design fits into your pocket, handbag or backpack and travel painting has never been easier. With the portable watercolor sketch kit you have a freedom to capture moments of inspiration at home and outdoors.

  • Remarkable Bright: 42 saturated colors / high pigment quality
  • Easy to Carry: create your works anywhere when the inspiration takes over you!
  • Color Stability: does not change color after drying
  • Practical Design: gives more fluency and confidence to your hands

Online Exclusive: not available at stores!