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Drone Aircraft - The Mini Drone Educational UFO Toy

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The Mini Drone Educational UFO Toy
The UFO Drone that Flies by Sensing Your Hands!
THROW TO START: You simply throw the UFO in the air gently, it will start to fly immediately. The most surprising feature is that it can fly towards the opposite direction when your hands are close to it as it works using advanced LED infrared sensor technology. So use your hands to control its direction, no remotes needed.
Launch the drone without any remote!
The Mini Drone Educational UFO Toy is built with 4 powerful rotation motors to provide power of 360° rotation flying. It auto rotates to detect obstacles. There is also a high flight hover when flying to a certain level. If you don't operate it for 1-2 seconds, the aircraft will descend a little and then hover again. All you need to do is catch the drone and flip it to stop it from flying.Super cool to play!
Make it fly indoors, and it will automatically avoid walls and fixtures.

DURABLE & RECHARGEABLE :No need for batteries for this toy. It is USB rechargeable and takes 30 minutes to power up. So no need to wait for ages to play again. The lithium battery automatically shuts off when it’s full, so there’s no risk of overcharging. The body is made with soft ABS plastic. The material makes it an anti-crash toy so there’s lesser risk of it breaking.  
NIGHT VISION It also has 2 speed models, green light for normal speed and blue light for fast speed. The flying toy can also be played in bedroom at night using the LED indicator
    • A flying UFO toy that does not require any remote control
    • Has built-in technology that helps it avoid anything in its path; play it with friends
    • Material: Eco-friendly plastic material, durable and non-toxic
    • Power: Lithium battery (rechargeable by USB)/Charging Time: 30mins/Playtime: up to 8 minutes
    • Suitable ages: children age 5+.
    • Package contents: 1 x UFO Drone Motion-Sensing Toy, 1 x USB charging cable


    The lightweight body adopts infrared sensing obstacle avoidance, air pressure setting, gravity sensing and other technologies. Press and hold the power switch for 2 seconds to turn on the aircraft, then place the aircraft on the horizontal table, wait for the indicator light to be bright, complete the aircraft calibration. Hold it in your hand and try to keep the plane up and throw it up. The aircraft will take off automatically. The fuselage is distributed with multiple infrared sensing points. The sensor can be operated by palm or other obstacles.